Hey there, I’m Anais 

Welcome to my site sand in your shoes.


Born and raised in Germany me and my husband Alex had moved to Thailand in January 2019. We are currently living in Bangkok – in any case, we are not traveling. To be honest: during the last years we definitely did a lot!

Actually it all startet 2008 with my first trip to Thailand. That was also the first time I ever left Europe. I started my trip to Thailand without having a clear idea what I will have to expect, with my backpack (I’m still using the same one!) and without a lot of money.

Thailand was just the beginning and we really got addicted to traveling. Since the first trip lots of things have been changed, but we still feel this strong fascination, curiosity and the irresistible drive to discover new corners of our world and – of course – to take pictures and share them with you.

I always enjoyed taking pictures and while I was studying architecture I started working part-time as a photographer and graphic designer. Today I am working as a visualizer for architecture and a freelance photographer. Both of these jobs have a lot in common and the combination is ideal for me.

Ten years ago Alex and I also discovered our passion for scuba diving. It didn’t take a lot of time until we realized that we had to capture all the cool things underwater and so we bought our first camera with an underwater housing. Since then we continuously improved our equipment and How is the diving? is still the one of the most important questions when we are trying to find new travel destinations.

Our underwater photography is always a partner work: Alex became a really great spotter and I am responsible for taking the good shot.

I hope you enjoy exploring my site in detail – wherever in the world you might be at the moment.